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IRS Visiting Those with Outstanding Taxes in Wisconsin

Businesses and individuals with large outstanding taxes may soon be getting a visit from the IRS. The majority of these visits will be to businesses that have fallen behind on remitting payroll taxes to the IRS. Yes, last week the IRS announced, Revenue Officers will be visiting non-compliant businesses in Wisconsin, Texas, and Arkansas. These Officers will be visiting unannounced and attempt to resolve the outstanding payroll taxes. Those visited will have received multiple prior mailings from the IRS and have not responded or were unable to settle the outstanding payroll taxesVisits from the Revenue Officers shouldn’t be confused as a scam. When an IRS Revenue Officer makes a visit, he or she will always provide two forms of official credentials with a serial number and a photo. Taxpayers have the right to see both of these credentials.  If you do not have outstanding taxes due, you should NOT be receiving a visit.

What to Expect if you should receive a Visit:  The IRS Revenue Officers that will be visiting those with outstanding taxes are merely there to gather financial information and provide the necessary steps that need to be taken to become compliant.  When necessary, the Revenue Officer may take appropriate actions to collect the amount due.  However, the purpose of the visit is to help understand and meet tax obligations, not to make threats or demand an unusual form of payment.

WE CAN HELP!  In the event you receive a visit from the IRS, we recommend calling our office immediately before answering any questions or signing any papers.  Remember, you have the Right to Retain Representation.  As stated in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, “taxpayers have the right to retain an authorized representative of their choice to represent them in their dealings with the IRS.” To learn more about your Taxpayer Bill of Rights, click on this link –TaxPayer Bill of Rights

Don’t Wait… If your business is behind on filing quarterly payroll tax reports or remitting payroll taxes to the IRS, don’t wait until the uncomfortable visit from the IRS Revenue Officer occurs.  Contact Tina at 920-277-2991 or today to schedule an appointment to get caught up on your businesses tax filing and payments.


Community Events in Appleton this Week

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and the official start to the Christmas Holiday Season, we have listed some upcoming events for the week.  We wish everyone a Very Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26: Appleton Christmas Parade!  The largest nighttime parade in the Midwest with approximately 80,000 people attending!  This year’s theme is “That Holiday Feeling”.  The Parade will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the corner of State St. and College Ave. It will head east on College Ave. to Drew St.  To see the route of the parade, click here


Before the Parade – Santa Scamper Run! Race Start: 6:40 p.m. at corner of State Street & College Avenue. The .08-mile run starts about 1/2 hour prior to the 49th Annual Downtown Appleton Christmas Parade and proceeds down College to Drew St., finishing at City Park.


Thursday: Turkey Trot & Happy Thanksgiving! This year’s Appleton Turkey Trot starts at 8am with a 5-mile run, 2-mile walk, and dog jog.  After, the turkey trot, we wish everybody a fun-filled day with family and friends! 

If you are one of the many traveling for the Holiday ~ Very Safe Travels!


Black Friday:  As shopping for the Christmas season begins, remember we are collecting donations of personal hygiene products/ household supplies for Compassionate Home Health Care’s Annual Holiday Giving Campaign.  You can drop these items off right at our office Monday – Friday 9am -6pm.


Saturday:  Small Business Saturday ®

A day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for the community.   Bring your Shop Appleton First passport with you on Small Business Saturday on Nov. 30 to the approximately 100 Downtown businesses and get it stamped. Passports will be available in the shops (WSL), to download online, and in the Thanksgiving Day edition of the Post Crescent. Get 5 stamps and be entered to win over $2,500 in prizes including a grand prize of $500 American Air Lines travel gift card!  Click the link below to view the participating businesses and their offers and print a passport.

Thank you for reading my blog! Happy Thanksgiving Week!


IRS Scams Continue Through Summer

Scammers impersonating to be the IRS are continuing through summer hoping to catch people off-guard.  Two new scams recently identified are:

  1. A call from a person posing as an IRS employee saying back taxes are owed and payment must be made now or your Social Security Number will be suspended or canceled.
  2. A letter in the mail threatening liens or levies for unpaid taxes.  These letters reference the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement” which does not exist.

What you Need to Know:

The IRS will not contact you through email, text messages, or social media. The IRS NEVER does any of the following:

  1. Demand immediate payment or call about a payment without first mailing a bill.
  2. Demand payment of taxes without an opportunity for appeal.
  3. Require specific payment methods, especially a prepaid debit card.
  4. Ask for debit or credit card numbers over the phone.
  5. Threaten to have local law enforcement arrest you without due process.

In short, stay vigilant this summer.  Do not give your personal information out to anyone that you do not know. If you receive a communication from the IRS and have questions about it, you can always call our office at 920-277-2991.


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Some Debit/ Credit Card Payments to IRS Charged Twice

We’d like to inform everyone who made payments to the IRS via debit/credit card,that your card may have been charged twice. If you made payment through Official Payments at this website, we advise you to check your statement to confirm only one charge has been applied.

Below is the notice we received from Official Payments:

Dear Official Payments Customer,

This notification is to inform you of a situation where you may have experienced a duplicate payment displayed on your bank statement for your debit or credit card. This duplicate payment issue would have occurred during the processing of your IRS tax payment on April 15, 2019 made through Official Payments.

Please note that your IRS payment was processed correctly and the duplicate card payment and service fee have been reversed.

If you do not see this reversal reflected on your statement (which could take up to 5 business days), we recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Contact your bank or card provider.
  2. Inform them of the duplicate payment.
  3. Let them know that this duplicate payment and service fee are in the process of being refunded.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We will respond to all questions as quickly as possible.


Customer Service
Official Payments Corporation

Thank you for reading my blog & Have a Happy Easter!


Tax Season Is Here!

Integrity in Tax & Accounting, LLC ~ Tina M. Kleckner EA, CAA

** We have moved to a new location at 213 S. Casaloma Drive, Appleton, WI 54914**


To Reserve an appointment,

Call us at (920) 277-2991

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  • Appointments: We are currently booking appointments Mon-Fri 10am – 8pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm.
  • Drop Offs: You can drop off/ pick up your tax information at our office with no appointment!
  • Online: We can prepare your taxes without you even having to come to our office! Simply send us an email to request access to our Secure Client Portal to  We will then send you an email with a link upload your tax documents to your personal folder on our Secure Client Portal.

Attachments:   Our Client Worksheets are available for you to complete and assemble your tax information on our website under the Resources tab.  All worksheets may not apply to your situation. Use the worksheets that apply.

Added Bonus: Download Tina’s book “Taking the Medical Expense Tax Deduction for Baby Boomers and Seniors Too” at

Why Us? We support local animal rescues & shelters throughout the NE Wisconsin area! A portion of your tax return fee is donated to pets in need. Last year, we helped Saving Paws Animal Rescue raise funds to purchase a new transport van (pictured below)!

This tax season, our donations will go to Woof Lodge & Rescue in Appleton, WI and Unforgettable Underdogs in Little Chute, WI. Thank you for helping us help others!



Identity Theft: In an effort with the IRS to prevent identity theft we will be asking for a copy of all Social Security Cards on the tax return and a copy of the primary taxpayer’s driver’s license. We have taken numerous steps to protect and safeguard your personal information by our office. If at any point there appears to be inconsistent or incomplete information/documentation, we reserve the right to withdraw from completing the tax return in which you will be notified and all documents will be returned. We do no share any client information.

Due Diligence: As required by the IRS, we must ask additional questions and possibly request further documentation for tax returns that are claiming the Child Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, Education Credits, Earned Income Tax Credit, and using filing status as Head of Household.

Our Website: Use our website at as a tool to assist you in your tax preparation. Following are just a few of the many resources we have available on our website:

  • Click on “Resources” tab for Client Worksheets and to check your refund status for Federal & State (click on Where’s My Refund)
  • Click on “Tina’s Blog” to read past blog posts! Mostly tax-related, but also doggy & community related blogs are written from time to time.
  • Click on “Newsletter” to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter!

Additional Services We Offer:

Tax Planning:  The majority of tax returns will be changing if not because of the new tax law, then for sure because of the new Forms.  We can help you determine the impact the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has on your tax return, plan for future years, develop tax-saving techniques & strategies, and most of all, reduce your concerns and fears over what this New Law means for you.

Real Estate Professionals: We work with many realtors, investors, flippers, wholesalers, and developers to maximize tax credits and deductions. You can find our monthly newsletter specifically for Real Estate Pro’s on our website, click on “Taxes for Real Estate Professionals”. The new tax law has many favorable credits and deductions for Real Estate Pro’s such as Bonus Depreciation, increased and expanded Sec. 179 Expensing, 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction, and Qualified Opportunity Zones. Ask me about a Residential Cost Segregation Study for your rental properties and availability of accelerating depreciation!

Tax Help: Whether someone has not filed taxes in one year or ten years, we can file all year’s tax returns, setup payment plans, or request settlement of tax debt. We can communicate with the IRS or State taxing authority on your behalf, thus eliminating the stress, headache, and frustration of resolving tax issues on your own.

ITIN Application & Tax Compliance of Foreign Individuals living in the US:  Foreign Individuals who are not eligible for a SSN but have a tax filing requirement must apply for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).  Additionally, certain ITIN’s have expired at the end of the year and thus must be renewed before a tax return can be filed.  When applying or renewing an ITIN, original documents such as a passport must be submitted to the IRS.  However, we have an agreement with the IRS that enables us to verify your Foreign Status and Identity & issue a Certificate of Accuracy which is then sent to the IRS with your application rather than the original documents.  No more sending original passports, driver’s license, etc to the IRS!

Estate/Trust Tax Returns: Are you the administrator/executor of an estate or trust?  Have you experienced the loss of your spouse or parents?  We will work with your legal counsel to prepare the Final 1040, Estate or Trust Form 1041 & 706 (if applicable).

Payroll Processing: Would you like to outsource your small business payroll without the large fees?  We are your local, convenient, and trusted payroll processing partner.  We process your payroll timely, submit federal and state payroll taxes on your behalf, and prepare and file quarterly and year-end reports including issuing employee W-2’s and 1099’s.

Reviews:  We’d love to hear from you with a 5- Star Review on FaceBook or Google.   Thank you!

Thank you for choosing Integrity in Tax & Accounting, LLC for your tax & accounting needs!  We value each and every client and pride ourselves on providing quality service, superior knowledge, and year-round support to our clients!

Tax Season Starts Jan. 28; Refunds will be Processed as Scheduled!

IRS announces tax returns will be accepted starting on January 28, 2019 and tax refunds will be processed as scheduled.

Despite the government shutdown, the Internal Revenue Service confirmed that it will process tax returns beginning January 28, 2019 and provide refunds to taxpayers as scheduled.

“We are committed to ensuring that taxpayers receive their refunds notwithstanding the government shutdown. I appreciate the hard work of the employees and their commitment to the taxpayers during this period,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

The filing deadline to submit 2018 tax returns is Monday, April 15, 2019 for most taxpayers. Because of the Patriots’ Day holiday on April 15 in Maine and Massachusetts and the Emancipation Day holiday on April 16 in the District of Columbia, taxpayers who live in Maine or Massachusetts have until April 17, 2019 to file their returns.

You can schedule your tax appointment online by clicking here – Book An Appointment


A Look Into the Deep, Dark Web

As we continue on with the IRS Tax Security Awareness Week, today we are going to provide an overview of what the Dark Web is and how it is being used. The Dark Web is where the majority of personal information is being obtained, purchased, and sold. The internet has three “types” of websites known as the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. Each type is described below.

Surface Web: Is the place that most people are used to and go majority of the time when on the internet. This is accessible via normal browsers that you’re used to such as Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. And they’re the normal websites we all go to such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, to name a few. It’s been part of the worldwide web since the first browser was introduced in 1990 and it’s the thing most people are familiar with. Anything you can discover through your Internet browser using any of the main search engines is what you get access to. This is where you read about the news, buy something on Amazon, or visit any of your daily sites. It’s also an area of the web that’s under constant surveillance by governments across the world.

Deep Web: These are private databases that require a specific password, encrypted browser, or a set of log-in details. Examples of website on the Deep Web is online banking, employers that have HR sites available to employees, medical facilities that now enable patients to access their information online. Therefore, all of our medical records, financial records, social media files, and plenty of other information we want to and need to keep secure is housed on the Deep Web. A good example is when you have to either generate a PIN number or have memorable information to enter across bank accounts often online. This information is stored in the Deep Web, and you have to use details like passwords and those kinds of things to allow you special access.

Dark Web: This is part of the Deep Web. But its major difference is that it has been intentionally hidden, anonymous, and is inaccessible to normal web browsers. The Dark web is only accessible via special software. The technology to create the Dark Web was initially created and is still funded by the U.S. military researchers since the mid-1990s. And the reason was, to allow spies and intelligence agencies to anonymously send and receive messages. However, you can’t hide messages if there’s nothing to hide them behind. Therefore, if more people have access to send anonymous messages, it’s harder to find — for counterintelligence agencies to discover these messages. So the government opened up the Dark Web to allow others to use it so they could send messages back and forth that they didn’t want governments or other people to know.

As a result of users now being able to access the internet anonymously, criminals and those performing illegal acts have also begun using the Dark Web. In essence, in the age of technology, the Dark Web has become the next “street corner” for illegal acts and as we will focus on cyber-thieves obtaining access to our personal information such as Name, Address, Social Security Number, Credit Card Numbers, Bank Accounts, and the many other data breaches that have become a common occurrence.

Remember the old phrase of “dumpster diving”? This is essentially now being done virtually online. At one point in time, thieves would go through dumpsters of business and people looking for trash that wasn’t shredded and contained personal information. Or the thieves would physically break-in to businesses to steal information, computers, etc. Now, this can and is being done all online in the Dark Web.

Now that we know about the Dark Web, when online, we should always be aware that there are cyber-thieves everywhere just waiting for us to slip up and provide personal information on a website that we think is safe. Therefore, we should take extra measures to protect our personal information. Some of the recommended actions are:

  1. Protect your computer by always having security software and firewall installed.
  2. Encrypt files that are stored on your computer. This is generally done by requiring a password in order to open the files.
  3. We recommend using a password that is a minimum of 12 characters.
  4. When on a website, always make sure in the URL, the “http” includes an “s”, so it should be “https”. The “s” identities the website as secure.
  5. Learn to recognize and avoid scams. As we noted yesterday, the most common method for cyber-thieves to obtain your personal information is simply by asking for it and this is happening through email.

A good tip is to treat all your personal information like we treat cash. So just as we take steps to protect our cash and not leave it laying out for anyone to take, we should use these same actions to protect our personal information.

A complete IRS webinar discussing the Dark Web is available at

Additional information can be found on the IRS website at


Tax Security Awareness Week at the IRS – Dec. 3 – 7, 2018

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, the Internal Revenue Service and Security Summit partners warn taxpayers to take extra steps to protect their tax and financial data from identity thieves.

The holidays offer cybercriminals a chance to steal financial account information, Social Security numbers, credit card information and other sensitive data to help them file a fraudulent tax return in 2019.

“With tax season quickly approaching, people should be extra careful during the holidays to protect their sensitive tax and financial data,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. “Taking a few simple steps can protect this valuable information and help prevent someone from stealing a tax refund. Taxpayers guarding their information also helps strengthen protections against identity thieves taken by the IRS, the states and the tax industry.”

Did you know? The most common method for cyber-thieves to get personal information is simply just by asking for it through email. We recommend NEVER providing personal information via email.

Below are seven steps to help with online safety and protecting your personal information:

  • Avoid unprotected Wi-Fi. Unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots in malls or at holiday events also may allow thieves to view transactions. Do not engage in online financial transactions if using unprotected public Wi-Fi.
  • Shop at familiar online retailers. Generally, sites using the “s” designation in “https” at the start of the URL are secure. Look for the “lock” icon in the browser’s URL bar. But remember, even bad actors may obtain a security certificate so the “s” may not vouch for the site’s legitimacy. Beware of purchases at unfamiliar sites or clicks on links from pop-up ads.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid phishing emails that pose as a trusted source such as those from financial institutions or the IRS. The IRS has seen an increase in these schemes this year. These emails may suggest a password is expiring or an account update is needed. The criminal’s goal is to entice users to open a link or attachment. The link may take users to a fake website that will steal usernames and passwords. An attachment may download malware that tracks keystrokes — putting personal information at risk.
  • Keep a clean machine. This applies to all devices – computers, phones and tablets. Use security software to protect against malware that may steal data and viruses that may damage files. Set it to update automatically so that it always has the latest security defenses. Make sure firewalls and browser defenses are always active. Avoid “free” security scans or pop-up advertisements for security software.
  • Use passwords that are strong, long and unique. Experts suggest a minimum of 10 characters but longer is better. Avoid using a specific word; longer phrases are better. Use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Use a different password for each account. Use a password manager, if necessary.
  • Use multi-factor authentication. Some financial institutions, email providers and social media sites allow users to set accounts for multi-factor authentication. This means users may need a security code, usually sent as a text to a mobile phone, in addition to usernames and passwords.
  • Encrypt and password-protect sensitive data. If keeping financial records, tax returns or any personally identifiable information on computers, this data should be encrypted and protected by a strong password. Also, back-up important data to an external source such as an external hard drive. And, when disposing of computers, mobile phones or tablets, make sure to wipe the hard drive of all information before trashing.

Remember – While you are Holiday gift shopping online, cyber-thieves are also shopping online for your personal information!

Tomorrow’s Blog – The Dark Web

Did you know the Tues after Thanksgiving is called “Giving Tuesday”?

Yes, this day is an annual event celebrated the week after Thanksgiving to kick off the season of charitable giving.

We are proud to help our Fox Valley Community through donating to the following:

Neenah Animal Shelter   –

Unforgettable Underdogs  –

Saving Paws Animal Rescue –

Yes, the donations you gave on “Giving Tuesday” may be deductible on your tax return.

You can check the status of an organization on the IRS website at Exempt Organizations Select Check. Scroll down to the blue box that says” Exempt Organizations Select Check Tool”. Follow the online instructions.

A valid charitable contribution may be disallowed by the IRS if not adequately substantiated. Therefore we suggest retaining a copy of the canceled check, bank statement with check clearing, and letter from the charitable organization.

Gifts: Gifts made directly to needy individuals do not qualify for a charitable deduction; a charitable organization must be involved and the gifts cannot be earmarked for the benefit of a specified person. Consequently, donations to a fund set up to help a person or family cope with large medical bills or casualty losses are not deductible as charitable contributions.

Services: Charitable deduction is not allowed for contribution of services. However, any out-of-pocket unreimbursed expenses incurred while contributing your services is usually tax deductible.

As always, Thank you for reading my blog!


Community Events in Appleton this week. Enjoy!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and the official start to the Christmas Holiday Season, we have listed some upcoming events this week.

Tuesday: Appleton Christmas Parade! The largest nighttime parade in the Midwest with approximately 80,000 people attending! The Parade will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the corner of State St. and College Ave. It will head east on College Ave. to Drew St. To see the route of the parade, click here

Before the Parade – Santa Scamper Run! Race Start: 6:40 p.m. at corner of State Street & College Avenue. The .08-mile run starts about 1/2 hour prior to the 48th Annual Downtown Appleton Christmas Parade and proceeds down College to Drew St., finishing at City Park.

Course Notes: Due to Jones Park being shut down because of construction of the Fox Cities Exhibition Center, the event will now finish at City Park. Please keep this in mind when choosing where to park for the event. Due to the Jones park construction, the 2018 event will be 0.8 miles long. Good-Luck to all the Runners!


Thursday: Turkey Trot & Happy Thanksgiving! This year’s Appleton Turkey Trot starts at 8am with a 5-mile run, 2-mile walk, and dog jog.  The trot starts at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel downtown Appleton.  After, the turkey trot, we wish everybody a fun-filled day with family and friends!


If you are one of the estimated 54 million traveling for the Holiday ~ Very Safe Travels!


Saturday: Small Business Saturday ® ~ A day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for the community. Bring your Shop Appleton First passport with you on Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24 to the 56 Downtown businesses and get it stamped. Passports will be available in the shops (WSL), to download on line, and in the Thanksgiving Day edition of the Post Crescent. Get 5 stamps and be entered to win over $2000 in prizes.

For a list of all the participating small businesses, click here

Thank you for reading our blog!  Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!