I have a Blog!

Thank you for coming to my blog!  Remember to check back each week for new posts and updates.  The primary focus of my blog will be to provide tax and accounting updates, information, and answer questions, as well as provide education on what exactly an IRS Enrolled Agent is and why it is so important that your tax preparer be an Enrolled Agent.  Also, I will discuss the enormous responsibility of being an Enrolled Agent.  As most of you reading already know, I have earned the privilege of being an IRS Enrolled Agent.  In addition, I am a Certifying Acceptance Agent which means I have an agreement with the IRS to assist those who are not eligible to receive a social security number, apply for what is known as an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), by verifying and confirming their Identity and Foreign Status.  I am by no means employed or an employee of the IRS.  Rather I help individuals and small businesses to be compliant and up to date with their tax responsibilities and obligations.  I can represent you before the IRS to resolve & settle tax liabilities and disputes.  I have helped numerous clients get IRS penalties waived and apply for Offer in Compromise (OIC). In addition, I can assist you in the Appeals process which saves you, the taxpayer, time and money spent on litigation involving attorney fees.

I also will post about many other topics such as, yes, you guessed it dogs.  I love the many personalities of dogs and how they seem to say so many words by just expressions on their face. As my commitment to the community, I donate a portion of my business income to local animal rescues and shelters.  This year after tax season, we made a donation to Saving Paws to help raise funds for a new transport van.

For those in Northeast Wisconsin, I will also post updates on local community events.

If you have a tax question – feel free to send an email to research@integrityintaxllc.com and it may appear in a future blog!

If you are a tax professional – feel free to submit articles or writings to research@integrityintaxllc.com and I may post in a featured blog!

Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you find it informational and useful.

Tina M. Kleckner EA, CAA