IRS Visiting Those with Outstanding Taxes in Wisconsin

Businesses and individuals with large outstanding taxes may soon be getting a visit from the IRS. The majority of these visits will be to businesses that have fallen behind on remitting payroll taxes to the IRS. Yes, last week the IRS announced, Revenue Officers will be visiting non-compliant businesses in Wisconsin, Texas, and Arkansas. These Officers will be visiting unannounced and attempt to resolve the outstanding payroll taxes. Those visited will have received multiple prior mailings from the IRS and have not responded or were unable to settle the outstanding payroll taxesVisits from the Revenue Officers shouldn’t be confused as a scam. When an IRS Revenue Officer makes a visit, he or she will always provide two forms of official credentials with a serial number and a photo. Taxpayers have the right to see both of these credentials.  If you do not have outstanding taxes due, you should NOT be receiving a visit.

What to Expect if you should receive a Visit:  The IRS Revenue Officers that will be visiting those with outstanding taxes are merely there to gather financial information and provide the necessary steps that need to be taken to become compliant.  When necessary, the Revenue Officer may take appropriate actions to collect the amount due.  However, the purpose of the visit is to help understand and meet tax obligations, not to make threats or demand an unusual form of payment.

WE CAN HELP!  In the event you receive a visit from the IRS, we recommend calling our office immediately before answering any questions or signing any papers.  Remember, you have the Right to Retain Representation.  As stated in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, “taxpayers have the right to retain an authorized representative of their choice to represent them in their dealings with the IRS.” To learn more about your Taxpayer Bill of Rights, click on this link –TaxPayer Bill of Rights

Don’t Wait… If your business is behind on filing quarterly payroll tax reports or remitting payroll taxes to the IRS, don’t wait until the uncomfortable visit from the IRS Revenue Officer occurs.  Contact Tina at 920-277-2991 or today to schedule an appointment to get caught up on your businesses tax filing and payments.