Taxes For Real Estate Professionals


At Integrity in Tax & Accounting, LLC, we specialize in assisting clients who are in the Real Estate Profession including Realtors, Flippers, and Developers.  We can assist you in the following areas:

    • Meeting the “Real Estate Professional” criteria per IRS.
    • Defining Real Property Trades or Business & the appropriate entity formation.
    • Structure a 1031 like-kind exchange to defer the gain & ensure requirements that are met.
    • Internal Revenue Code and IRS guidelines and tax law for Real Estate Professionals.
    • Tax Planning for the New Tax Law: New Deduction – Sec. 199A Qualified Business Income.
    • Communicate and Represent on your behalf with the IRS (or State taxing authority) in the event of an IRS may audit, challenge, dispute, collection, appeal.
    • Rental Activities.
    • Bookkeeping/Payroll Services.
    • Free Review of Prior Year’s Tax Returns (2 Years).

Whether you have been involved in this industry for years or just beginning, we can help with all your tax questions as you purchase, sell, flip, remodel, or rent real estate.

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